Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May/Current Beauty Favourites/Mini Reviews ♥♥

Hola! I have been loving quite a few products recently so I wanted to share it with you all so that if you looking to purchase any of these products at least you can get a mini review.
I have been trying a new skincare 'The Organic Pharmacy' and it was love at first application. All their products are 100% organic and natural...need I say more. The 2 things I am loving from them at the moment is the Antioxidant Face Gel & the Antioxidant Face Serum. Now I mix the 2 together and use it morning and night. At night I do mix a lot more than in the am because in the pm I don't mind my face being super oily and moisturised but during the day, say No to oily faced Afeeyah!

The face gel is filled with key ingredients such as aloe, grapefruit, lemon and marigold which help to hydrate your skin, lift tone and regenerate the skin.
The face serum has key ingredients such as Rose hip, carrot, sweet orange and I will dedicate a post to Rose hip oil because it has such repairing properties for the skin; it helps to fade acne scars and so much more. So the Face gel and serum duo is the PERFECT combo for the skin; I must say I am now addicted to this brand. It just makes my skin look youthful, awake, healthy and glowy.

Yes I know we are in summer now but yes I have been wearing a dark lippie; I have just been feeling a little riskee recent;y and this is the NYC lipstick in this post.
True to the weather I have also been wearing a coral lipstick and this is Mac Vegas volt; I wear it different ways; sometimes I just dab it on (like here) or just go for the full coral look and I plan to do a post soon.

I was gifted the D&G l'eau the one perfume and it has been my signature scent for the past couple of months; it's such a lovely scent; it's the perfect mixture between sweet and spicy and it just makes me feel so womanly so ladies have a whiff. Of course on special occasions I want to wear YSL, Chanel or Dior but on an everyday basis I still wanna smell good enough to eat lol (I need help).
OMG these 2 mascaras were just made for me; I have already raved on about the Bourjois 2 in 1 here so I won't talk too much about that but Cargo...Cargo decided to rock my world with this new mascara; its Cargo HD picture perfect mascara and the wand is crazy, it's like a brush and it gets into the inner corner to get all the hairs. Now using both mascaras give me a really good look as I don't wear eyelashes on a daily basis.
I have been loving the OPI 'Tickle my francey'; it's the perfect everyday nude/natural colour.

Mac Fix + has become a holy grail for me and I never saw the use for it before but you grow and you learn. I use this mainly at the end of my makeup application to soften my look espescially as I do use powder and it prevents the cakey look; it always gives me a nice glowy look. (evidence 1+2).
Last but definitely not least, Lush has been a saviour for my skin recently; their Ultrabland facial cleanser is an amazing cleansing balm; I put this cleanser all over my face and use a hot damp cloth to take off all my makeup; this takes away 95% of my makeup and it is so gentle espescially if you have sensitive skin.
Hope you ladies enjoyed this informative post about my faves. Have you tried any of these products? What are your faves this month?
Afeeyah xo

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