Friday, 29 November 2013

Next Blogger Network (NBN) Workshop ♥♥

Hiya dolls; how are you all? I am so so so tired as I have been working everyday and doing some long hours so I can't wait to have a few days off from Sunday. Are you guys excited about the weekend? I know I am.
I recently got invited to a Next bloggers event but I was unable to attend due to illness :( meh. 
Imagine my surprise when Next sent me a goodie bag and links (including) pics to everything that I had missed making me feel like I didn't miss out much, unfortunately there weren't any cocktails in my goodie bag .....:( 
et voila; the contents of my goody bag.
They included a pair of comfy house socks/shoes and oh my dayssssss, these have SAVED me in these cold cold evenings, girl you better pick up one for yourself.
I also got a candle which smells so nice; it's a yasmine scent and I might have just become one of those annoying bloggers that 'are obsessed with candles' lol oops.
I also got a cute little photo frame and a cute notebook that has Next blogger written on it; oh yea boy. Of course we all need pens because you never know when you need to sign for a check?!?......and finally a bag; let me tell you that I feel so thankful and blessed and very warm with my comfy socks on now.
A very warm and comfy,
Afeeyah xo



  1. That's so cool! Too bad you couldn't attend but so nice of them to send you a goody bag :D


    1. I know :( but thank God they thought about me :)

  2. Lovely :)

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