Sunday, 20 November 2011

Colour me happy

Hello my lovelies, this is sooo emotional; I haven't been on here in a long ass time. Missed you guys!!
I have been so busy with uni and I have been ill.
But am back now peeps, so how have y'all been doing??
 Cardigan and skirt - H&M
 Knee High Socks - River Island
 Brogues - Bank
Bag - Random shop in London
The pictures above show what I wore to a friend's dinner and I decided to mix and match lol, hope you likey...

Saturday, 5 November 2011

This is soooo sooooo beautifull

Hey my lovelies, how are yas? Hope your all well. I have an announcement for y'all: Winter is here, run for the duvets lol. As I write, am in my duvet lol and it's gonna be hard for anyone to persuade me to get out of bed till spring.............maybe if Ashton Kutcher was to ask me then yea
or J. Cole yes I will deffo get out of bed for him
or Pooch Hall
or Lance Gross
or SHOPPING yes I will
but for now am here in me bed, with me cup of tea watching wedding videos.
Have fun y'all.
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