Wednesday, 31 August 2011

African Prints In Our World Today

Hello my lovelies. Hope your all well. I have been MIA for a few days.
What's been happening in y'all lives? There was carnival which was good; I went with my kid brothers so I couldn't be naughty (sigh :( ) but it was fun nevertheless.
Also recently at work, I have been working with the kids on a project: we are using African prints to design T shirts and even dresses.
African Prints are currently been sported on celebrities and models and are the new trend. Here are a few pics:

What do you guys think? Please leave comments. xxxAfeeyahxxx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hellooo lovely bloggers,
Hope you are all fine!! I just started a volunteer placement on Monday at Groundwork.
My role is a Foundation Learning Mentor i.e. helping the teachers, taking sessions that I think is relevant for the young folk. So far I really enjoy it; it's a really good company because it gives these kids skills that look VERY impressive on their CV and to their future employers. Some are learning photography, textiles, woodwork, gardening to name the few. They were so talented that the councillor of Leeds asked them to 'make' wood trophies. Groundwork is a charity and am glad that we have a charity like this that gives our youth skills that will help them get further in life.


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Happy Sunday - OOTD

Happy sunday to all the lovely bloggers out there. Hope your all well. I had a great sunday; went to church today and had youth fellowship after church which is always fun.
I was wearing an african attire which my mum bought for me from ghana. My friend brought her camera so she took piccies of me after church. Bless her. !!!warning: picture heavy post!!!
Anyways I hope you enjoy the pics:

 Lovely heels = zara

 Dior bracelet - bought in Italy
Watch from H Samuels- gift from Dad
My make-up was quite minimum and natural as I was going to church so didn't wanna look too made up:
Foundation: Nars sheer matte
Eyeshaddow: revlon colour stay, I used the one that blends with my skin
Mascara : Maybelline one by one (just 1/2coats)

What do you think? Please leave some comments xxxAfeeyahxxx

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kim K can get it!!

Hey there lovely bloggers. Hope you are all well and no-one is upset about anything.
I have had quite a lovely day actually, woke up about 12, i know very lazy but in my defence it is a saturday and when uni starts I will have 9am lectures so let me be.
The highlight of my day was my 50mins zumba excercise; I just love it because am dancing which I love and at the same time burning calories. You guys should really try it.
Soo recently I have really started to grow fond of Kim K, she has come a long way.From being viewed as a fame whore, she is now a business woman earning millions BECAUSE she turned a bad situation to her advantage and put in hard work. Bless her. She has a great sense of style so enjoy these pics of Kim

She knows her body shape (hourglass) and so wears outfits that suit her shape.
Kudos Kim!!
P.S. All the pictures were taken from 


Friday, 19 August 2011

Soo Tireddd

Hellooooooooo lovely bloggers,
So am exremely tired y'all. Gosh,had to start work at 9am today (arrgh) and then after that I walked all around bradford looking for a house for september.
Then I got home and headed straight to church, then I just had to relax when I got back so I watched 'No Strings Attached' with ASHTON KUTCHER!!
That man is FINEEEEEEE!! The thangs I will do to him...........ahem moving on, here are a few pics of him (Demi Moore is one lucky woman) KMT

Isn't he just adorable, fine, yummy, oh my days am gonna stop now LOL, what do y'all think?

Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Level Results

Hi there bloggers,
Hope you are doing well; this is just a brief post to wish everyone getting their A Levels today the best of luck. I was in the same shoes 2years ago and damn I was so nervous I could have shitted (not correct grammar lol) in my pants. GOODLUCK guys, I am praying and hoping with you that you get your desired grades or even better. And that you get to do what you WANTED to do next; which might be university, apprenticeship, gap year whatever just wish you all the best.
BUT ( and there's always a but)
it will not be the end of the end of the world if you don't get into your first choice of university; my first choice was Sheffield uni but I didnt get in, I got into bradford but I am so grateful I went there cos  have met and made bestfriends that are always gonna be in my life, I have had opportunities I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else and am already sad about leaving next year.  :(
Once again GOODLUCK guys. wish you all the very best!!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hope everyone is ok? What with the economic situation, the riots across england and all; I just hope everyone is fine and well.......... So I was in Italy this summer for nearly 2months; its been a while since I was there...(quick recap: I am italian/african and I used to live there before my dad decided to move the whole fam to the UK). Oh well, moving on, so I went to visit my friends and family over there, I had a great time. The weather was so good, it was HOT all the time. Italy is full of great fashion sense, food, people, beaches  not forgetting MEN. Lol. But anyways here's a couple of pics from my Italian adventures.

P.S. my camera broke after like a week :( story of my life

Hello everyone out there!!!

Hi lovely people, I have wanted to start a blog for a while but I was very busy and also quite shy...*covers face*. Am new to this so please help me feel welcomed. I like trying new things fashion-wise and life-wise as well so this blog is a bit about evrything...........enjoy .
xxFabulously Afeeyahxx
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