Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine's Day Ideaaaaaaaaaaaaas.....for Him

Soo ladies who are in LURVEEEE and keep going on about how excited you are for tomorrow and how you are hoping he surprises you..........bla bla bla; I am one of those ladies but am not expecting much because it's proven that guys and surprises don't really mix. '____'
Anyhow I came up with just 4 things that us ladies can do for our partners; which shows that we are thoughtful and didn't just turn up at a shop and get something.

  1. Bake.......Cupcakes are really sweet and makes you look like you put a lot of effort into it
  2. Take the best picture of you two together and ........Frame it; this way whenever he sees it he can say 'awwwww'
  3. Cook......a 3 course meal and make sure you cook his fave meals
  4. Buy....(wait for it) a pendant/bracelet with both your names on it; or a phrase/song title that you both like
Now ladies go spread the love.....................Happy Valentine's Day one and all 


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Purple Pants/Trousers

Hey there my lovelies........How are you all? We are already in February; damn and Val's day is just around the corner. 
We all gonna have fun on Val's day single or not. wohoo.
Anyways I recently attended a comedy show which I loved. I laughed so much my stomach hurt.
Lol, so am just showing you guys what I wore. Part of my new year's resolution is to go out of my comfort zone in dressing; am pretty much a figure hugger dresser; that is because of my figure am more comfortable wearing figure hugging dresses, skirts and so on.
I got these trousers at New Look for £5 during the sales!!! Such a bargain, I know, I thought it wouldn't suit me but it actually looks quite alright on me. What do you think??

*my over eager shiny forehead* LOL 

Shirt - Fashion Union
Blazer - H&M
Purple Trousers, Ring and Heels - New Look
Earrings and chain - Miss Selfridge
Cross ring - Bank
Green bag - Primark
Hope you like my lovelies and don't hesitate to leave your comments down below 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Girl about London part 2; Business Conference Outfit

Happy Sunday lovelies; hope your all good and have had a good weekend.
Mine has beengood and I have been indoors cos it snowed and there's no way
am going out there. Am secretly praying that school is cancelled tomorrow; please
pray along with me.
Anyways moving onto the part 2 of my london adventures; I attended a business
conferences and this was my attire (oooh I sound so posh and mature, don't I?).

Outfit and Jewellery
Blazer and Skirt - New Look
Shirt - Matalan
Vest and Tights- Primark
Boots - Random
Bag - Random shop in Italy
Bracelet and Ring - New Look
Earrings - Miss Selfridges

Primer- Too Faced
Foundation - Nars
Concealer - Mac
Eyeliner and Mascara - Superdrug Barry M
Lips - Sleek Mystic <~~~Love this lipstick

Hope you like and if your going to a formal event; you can pick and choose some items from here.
Have a fabulous week and all the best with all your ventures.


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Girl about London part 1

Hey there lovelies, hope everyone is good!!
It was freezing today here in the north and I thought it was gonna be getting warmer.
Anyhow I was in London about a week ago, to attend a business conference and also
to have some fun.
This is what I wore to dinner on the first night; we went to an Italian restaurant in Paddington.
Here are some pictures of my outfit of the night; hope you like.

Jumper and belt- New Look
Faux fur trim - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Random shop
Bag - Primark

Have a lovely end of week guys, wish you all the best in your ventures.
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