Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hat Trick......

Hey lovelies, hope your well ad having a good week.
Had a lovely time in London last week and pics will be up very soon.
Uni is here again urgh..early mornings and all '____'
Anyhow this is an OOTD that I wanted to share with you; it's a casual outfit with good accessories.
Urgh, it has taken me the better part of 3days to do this post as my internet keeps acting up so am gonna
overcompensate with an overload of picture; enjoy!!!

Phewww, sooo many pics I know, but I loved them all and couldn't really skin it down to just a few pics. :)
Pink Jeans - Internacionale
Burgundy Jumper - Primark
Wedged boots - Internacionale
Leather Jacket - Select
Bag - Avon
Hat - River Island
Jewellery :
Bracelet - On sale at Miss Selfridges
Bracelet - On sale at New Look
Cross ring - Full price at Bank (couldn't wait for the sale)
Ring on my left hand - On Sale at New Look

Anyways what are you all up to, tell meeeeeeee?
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Have a goodnight and  a fab week.            

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I am back!!!

Hey Lovelies, hope your all well. I have missed y'all. I had to put my head down and study real hard for my exams but am done now. YAAY.
I wish everyone that still has exams; all the best and good luck.
Exam Revision Tips: Drink a lot of fluids to keep you going, try and get some sleep before an exam and please don't starve yourself. Don't panic. You will be great :)
I am so glad that 2012 is finally here; I have a lot of plans for this year but for now am going to show you guys a quick OOTD.
Also please don't forget to vote for me in that modelling competition; it ends tomorrow and I need votes.
Pretty please, it only takes a few seconds:

Have a wonderful day lovelies. xxxAfeeyahxxx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I was featured!!!

Hey my lovelies, how are you all? Hope your all well.
I have been in the library all week trying to get all my revision done. Sigh.
Can't wait till after exams; I have soooo many ideas for 2012.
So onto the amaze-ing news; I was actually featured as a guest bloogger on Lea's blog.
I talked about the topic of suspender tights and how they are a real fashion statement.
Check it out here and let me know what you think guys??
Thanks again Lea for giving me this opportunity girl.
Have a blessed week my lovelies.
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Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year/New Year's eve OOTD

Hey lovelies, greetings this 2012. I wish you all the very best this year.
That all your ventures/business/academics/(insert here)... shall be successful and prosperous.
I am glad to start this year and even though am stressed cos my exams are very soon, I have faith in God and believe that everything is gonna be great.
Soo onto what I wore on New Year's eve to church; we had a thanksgiving/watchnight service to lead us into the new year; I had so mcuh fun. :)

 When I go to church, I usually put just a little bit of foundation and I don't put on jewellry too so this is really a very simple outfit.

 La famiglia

I love the skirt; my mum got it for me from ghana this summer.
Skirt : Ghana
Belt: Random shop
Sweater: Zara
What do you think guys? Am thinking of wearing this to a comedy show end of january but with makeup and jewellry this time around.
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