Saturday, 31 January 2015

Day One ~ Welcome; 28 Days Of February Challenge ♥

Happy Sunday loves, hope you are all good and had a fab week. I hope your weekend is going great. Today is the 1st of February and it marks the start of a new month/new beginnings this month, I have challenged myself to post every day in February, so the 28 day challenge! I am hella scared as I already struggle to post regularly but in life we have to challenge ourselves and I hope I am able to post everyday this February. So please let me know what you want to see on the blog. Please also make sure you are keeping in touch with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook,
I am also planning a Giveaway for the end of the month; so stay updated loves.
Wishing you all a lovely week.

Afeeyah xo

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Buzzfeed Feature & NY Makeup Haul Ft Kat Von D, Make Up Forever, Too Faced and ABH ♥♥

Happy Sunday my loves; hope you are all doing great. I am feeling very blessed and today I want to talk about how I was blessed to have an interview and a feature with Buzzfeed. Yes Buzzfeed.
Anyways before I get into that I am sooo blessed because one of my friends recently went to New York and she brought me back some goodies; thanks a lot Jenny honey, love you to the moon and back!

kat von d liquid lipstick kat von d lock it foundation make up for ever full cover concealer too faced better than sex mascara anastasia beverley hills brow whiz

I have always wanted to try Kat Von D and you know we don't stock that here in the UK (I really need to have a word with whoever decided that we didn't need Sephora in the UK), so I took the chance to grab their foundation which is very talked about on the YT for its amazing coverage and long lasting properties. I got the shade 71 but I should have gone for 72 because this one is just a little bit lighter but I will just have to work with it. I obviously got the Kat Von D liquid lipstick which is all over YT and Instagram; I wanted the Lolita and Vampira as well but they were sold out :(
P.s. Sephora now ships to the UK but you know all the shipping hoo ha :(

kat von d liquid lipstick kat von d lock it foundation make up for ever full cover concealer too faced better than sex mascara anastasia beverley hills brow whiz

I also re stocked on my ABH or Anastasia Beverley Hills brow whiz (in Ebony) as I fell in love with it and so I got 2 of those; it's a twist up style which I love so no need for all that sharpening that I loathe.
I also restocked on my Makeup For Ever Full Cover concealer (in 18); now I bought this at Imats in August and I have used it religiously since then and I LOVE it; expect a review on it.
I also wanted to try the Duo Mat powder out as I have heard so many good things about it and how it keeps your face mattified; and I have already tried it out and I am so in LOVE.
Another thing I can't wait to try out is the Better Than Sex mascara as again I have heard so much about it so am really happy I now have it in my possession. 
P.S. if anyone lives in America and doesn't mind doing a swap or whatever with me cos I love American makeup and skincare and all that.

fashion blogger midi skirts how to wear a midi skirt 19 midi skirt styles you have to try

Now onto the great news; WE were FEATURED and INTERVIEWED on Buzzfeed; YES I am actually so happy because I planned this year to really put my all into my blog; changing the look up and everything (new look coming up) and I asked God for favour in everything I do. Make sure you check out the feature and support your girl by sharing it everywhere; I really want to thank you all so so much for the support. You are all pretty fricking amazing!

And BTW I am doing a 28 day February BLOG CHALLENGE and that's putting up a blog everyday in FEBRUARY, yes everyday, am so scared because I have a full time job and this will mean being super determined, organised and scheduled but I hope you are as excited about it as much as I am. So please all I ask is that let me know what you want to see, any ideas are welcome.

Wishing you all a very lovely week and connect with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I love being in contact with you all.
Lots of love,
Afeeyah xo


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Debut ~ Face Mask Mondays Hosted By Afeeyah ♥♥

Hey sweetthangs; how are you all doing? I have been thinking for a while that I wanted to start something different on my blog; something that is unique to me and I thought YES MASKS! I love face masks, I own a lot of em and you look oh so silly when you have one on so why not pump some silly into this ole blog.
Masks are a very integral part of my skincare routine, I try to use a mask at least once a week and they all have different functions depending on what you need for your skin and what skin type you have.
I wanted to tell you about the masks; how it felt, if it worked and so forth. Now this will be done on a Monday and I won't say every monday cos I will be lying but hopefully every other monday or so... so you ready?

So we start off with a freshly cleaned face and don't mind my attire but this is my pamper night and I am in my 'chilling, relaxing' attire so excuse my XXL Superman jumper from Primarni (am a bonafide gangster 90% of the time LOL)

I am starting off with the Origins Clear Improvement Face mask because this is by far my most used face mask and I think I even did a mini review here.
As you can see it comes out like a clay like colour and it indeed contains active charcoal which draws out all the dirt and impurities that are stuck in your pores.

It also contains White China clay that absorbs environmental toxins, and lecithin dissolves impurities. Everytime I use it, my skin feels very deeply cleaned and free of any impurities.
My pores also feel like all the gunk has been removed from them.

Peak-a -boo

This mask is geared towards the normal to oily skin gals as it is a very deep clean so if you have very sensitive and dry skin it might irritate your skin and redden your skin. Even though I am oily my skin does feel tight after using it so I can only guess how it will feel if you are dry.

This is one of the best masks out there and it is one of Origin's best selling masks; so if you have normal to oily skin I suggest you give it a go and you will see the difference.

 hmm so what is this thing called again?

To prep my face for the mask I cleansed my face with the Purity 3in1 face and eyes cleanser and used the Ole Henrikssen exfoliator to gently scrub the skin and get it ready for the mask. When the skin is prepped, the mask is more effective as it can work deep down to the 5 layers of the skin rather than just the top layer if there's still a lot of dead skin cells.

Then you wait for the mask to do its magic; I wait for at least 30 mins to an hour and get on with my chores or pampering; in this case I was reading my 'Goddess Guide' which was a christmas/santa present which is simply amazing; you can get it here.

Right so that's my first ever Face Mask Mondays (FMM), did you enjoy it? Are there masks out there that you think I ought to try? Are there changes/adjustments you think I ought to make?
I really want to hear your opinions so lemme know,
Have a lovely week and see you again soonest
Afeeyah xo

He said, 'Don't worry about it - there are more on our side than on their side' ~ 2Kings 6vs16


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Break the Bounds ~ Twenty Fifteen ♥

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