Hiya there and welcome to Fashion, Beauty & Me.

My name is Afeeyah and this blog is run by me. To help you know me a little bit better I thought why

not share with you 5 random facts about me? So here goes.

1. I am a victim of the resting bitch face; now I smile and laugh a lot but when am doing nothing

I could easily be mistaken for someone's whose ready to fight. OOPS!

2. I was brought up in Italy and I love my italian culture although I am now a brit babe, Italy will 

always be home.

3. From the fact that am italian, you must then have guessed that YES I LOVE FOOD and I will 

never let anyone make me feel bad about it. Yes am a fattie and so what? Come at me bro.

4. I am a Christian and I am 150% in love with Jesus Christ, get to know him and I promise your life 

will never be the same.

5. I believe in soul mates; call me unrealistic but my Prince Charming is out there waiting for me. 

Show yourself Bae; yes I had to say 'Bae'. Get over it.

Now I hope you loved that and yes I am crazy and yes I own it but am a good kinda crazy so if you 

like good crazy welcome to the family and as italians will say 'Benvenuto alla familia'.

See you around kid; you're awesome by the way

Afeeyah xo

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