Tuesday, 25 February 2014

It's getting hot in here; Salsa ♥♥

Happy Tuesday my loves; hope you're all doing great! I am so excited to be getting a new laptop this weekend and get back to regular blogging cos I have a few pictures and posts that I need to get out.
But back to today's post; I am still on my health & fitness grind; I have been gyming but I decided to attend a salsa class tonight as it is a great way to meet people and stay fit.

I use to attend salsa classes at university but since I left uni, I sadly left salsa behind but today I went back to some salsa dancing; oh how I missed thou.
Salsa is a dance that has includes steps like mambo, cha-cha and many more. 
*My class did not look anything like the picture above; most of us were sporting jeans and maybe an odd dress.*
Usually in a class, the instructor will teach you the basic steps and then the ladies will pair up with the men. The men will then keep rotating so everyone gets to dance with everyone. It is very fun and it is very easy to meet new people.

It can get a bit awkward dancing with different people and having to make conversation with random people if you're a very shy person but it is so fun that that aspect can actually be positive.
I am definitely going back next Tuesday and I recommend it to you ladies; you want to be able to try new things and not get stuck in a rut/in your comfort zone.
Google is your best friend at finding the closest salsa class to you.

Do you do any type of dance class? Like Zumba, salsa etc? Please let me know in the comment section. 
Lots of love 
Afeeyah xo



  1. I love salsa! I took a class about a year ago and it was fun but still awkward cuz had to dance with random people in the class. lol. I tried zumba but the classes are too crowded. I'd like to do salsa again tho!
    - Andrea

    PS. I nominated your blog for Liebster award :)

    1. Lol yea the random people bit is awkward but it definitely is a great class.
      Thanks for the award, I'll definitely check it out xx

  2. I dont dance, i cant even dance lol but i love watching salsa!!

    1. Loool you should try it at least before you totally give up on it :)

  3. nice post dear ! xx

  4. I'm definitely a disgrace to my own race lol, I cannot dance to save my life. Plus on top of that I got no booty. Why god, why haha.

  5. Aw, I've always wanted to take a salsa class. How fun!! :)
    xo TJ


  6. i find salsa kinda sexy. i dunno why. it looks lots of fun! ;)
    -angel of invisiblestilettos.com

    1. It is kinda sexy cos of all the moves lol xx

  7. hi afeeyah! thanks for visiting my blog. let me know what design you what, maybe i can help you or give some links of the tutorials i used for my blog ;) keep in touch! btw, followed you on gfc and bloglovin.

    1. Thanks Angel; yes I would appreciate links. Followed on GFC but will follow you via bloglovin too xx

    2. check you email girl :) i emailed you the code. let me know if you need more help :)

  8. My mum used to go to salsa all the time and sometimes id join in! Its great fun but i'd deffo agree it can be awkward sometimes!!

    Ps- Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Jess x
    New post up at www.momentsofbeautywars.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Aww that's really nice, my mum would never dream to go salsa lol
      You welcome babe xx


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