Sunday, 23 June 2013

Casual Kinda Day

Hola beautiful people; I know I know, don't kill me, I haven't uploaded in ages and there is no excuse.
I have been going through a whole lot but I have made some decisions and one of them is to focus a lot more on my blogging and I wanna incorporate a bit more than fashion on my blog so everyday beauty products, skincare and all sorts; if you have any ideas please leave them down below. mwah

Anyways back to my outfit; this was just a chilled kinda day; I love these treggings from Topshop; they arre my AA riding pants dupe and they are a lot cheaper!! The topshop ones are £25 but the AA ones are £64 so am saving a whole lot. They are high waisted and they are very comfy; love them!!!!
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