Thursday, 24 January 2013

My first ever pair of Jeffrey Campbells

Hola my darlings; hope you are all good.
It has snowed so bad here in the UK that leaving my house is a 50/50 chance of me falling and looking like a big fool;so far I have been really good and not fallen with the aid of my wellington boots and extra careful steps; I am NOT playing with this weather lol.
So this is a very fun post; I got my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell's this christmas and I wanted to show you guys; I also put up a video talking more extensively about it.
They are called the Jeffrey Campbell Madame; sounds posh doesn't it lol imagine saying with quite an air of authority: 'Well I am wearing the Madames today'. hehe I know, am silly but oh well.
They are nude and have spikes all around them so if someone is rubbing you the wrong way; they are a really good weapon. They are also suede which makes it look much more nicer.
These shoes are price at about £100 but they were on sale for about £45 and I got them as a gift.
You can purchase these from office, harvey nichols (none in stock :( ) and soletrader and I guess on ebay too.
 Enjoy :)

What do you think?
Do you have a pair of JCs? Which type?



  1. Those shoes are seriously so amazing, I love the nude color and the spikes! haha such a cool name too :)

  2. they are soo beautiful! i love love love them in fact i want them haha

    Alexa <3

  3. Amazing blog. just discovering you.

    Feel free to check out my New blogpost:


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