Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sniff, sniff

Heya my darlings, how are you? I hope your all not bohooo; got this cold/throat nightmare arghhhhhh!!
Anyhow so uni is good and hella scary and hectic but I thank God for keeping me sane lol.
Here area few piccies from last week that I was too busy to upload. Enjoy
p.s.  Av got a crush on some guy; hell yea I do *blushes* wish me well guys
p.s.s Am going to one of my besties birthdays tonight and even though am ill, I can't miss it or else am dead....xxxAfeeyahxxx

You likey??
Off to sleep my sickness off before the party tonight xxx


  1. Love your leopard print scarf! Hope you get better soon,

  2. Get well soon (I hate when my throat aches, it's the worst pain in the world!) and good luck with your crush ;)

    Be Indie, Be Trendy


  3. Thank you Joyce xxx
    @ Sara, thanks hehe will keep you updated with the crush

  4. Great pics ;) you so pretty ! Get well soon !


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