Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine's Day Ideaaaaaaaaaaaaas.....for Him

Soo ladies who are in LURVEEEE and keep going on about how excited you are for tomorrow and how you are hoping he surprises you..........bla bla bla; I am one of those ladies but am not expecting much because it's proven that guys and surprises don't really mix. '____'
Anyhow I came up with just 4 things that us ladies can do for our partners; which shows that we are thoughtful and didn't just turn up at a shop and get something.

  1. Bake.......Cupcakes are really sweet and makes you look like you put a lot of effort into it
  2. Take the best picture of you two together and ........Frame it; this way whenever he sees it he can say 'awwwww'
  3. Cook......a 3 course meal and make sure you cook his fave meals
  4. Buy....(wait for it) a pendant/bracelet with both your names on it; or a phrase/song title that you both like
Now ladies go spread the love.....................Happy Valentine's Day one and all 



  1. Very sweet ideas! The way to a man's heart is definitely through his stomach :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. lol hope you had a great val's day


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