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Virgn Malaysian Curly Hair Review ♥♥

Hi loves as you can tell I got my hurr did and got a new weave and I have been loving it and according to a few comments you have been loving it too.
Now lemme start by saying this hair did not cost me an arm and a leg; it was super affordable and I paid for it all by myself and I want to tell you how you can get yours.
Now let's get into my Virgin Malaysian Curly Hair review ♥♥♥

I purchased my hair seperately; I purchased a closure and 3 bundles of malaysian curly hair from 2 different sellers on Aliexpress. This is only because the Barbara company didn't have a malaysian lace closure and I didn't want to mix textures.
I wanted to try the malaysian curly hair texture because from my research I realised that that was the type of curly hair I wanted instead of brazilian or something else cos of the type of the curls you get.

For the hair bundles; I got 18" 20" 22" from the Barbara's Virgin Hair.

I purchased a 14' closure from here.
Both the closure and the bundles came within a week of the purchase and they came in a clear plastic bag and a DHL envelope; nothing fancy.

This hair is not for the faint hearted; it is full body and gives you that 'Diana Ross' vibe. I love the curls; but as you can see in its natural state the curls were really tightly coiled but I wanted it just a bit looser.
To achieve this look, you need a spray bottle, a curl enhancing cream or conditioner (any will do girl) and water.
I added 1/4 of my curl cream and 3/4 water; I then shook it (put your back into it).
I then started spraying in sections till it was about 40% wet and the used a wide tooth comb to comb it out a little bit.
And voila!!

The hair has minimal shedding and I didn't seal the wefts so when I comb through it I get a few strands but very minimal.
The hair doesn't tangle and for curly hair that's really impressive. I have sown this hair in and also had it as a wig but even when I had it sewn in I made sure I covered it at night.
The ends are very nice and full.
3 bundles is more than enough for a full head but I suggest 4 bundles if you're going for really big hair.

Makeup post ~ here

I don't really have any issues with this hair apart from the shedding during the combing.
I also feel that the closure is a bit bulky but I plan to cut a little bit of hair off in the closure so it lies a bit flatter. But then again better a bulky closure than a thin one aye?

Outfit post ~ here

I am thinking of cutting the hair but I am not sure; what do you think loves?
This hair was super affordable and everything together was less than £150 based on my lengths which is amazing considering the usual £500 we sometimes pay and the quality is pretty good.
The Barbara company were really lovely throughout the whole process and kept me informed on everything; deffo check em out even if you don't want curly hair.
Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know which hair you will be purchasing in the comments below and go for something different this summer!!
Lots of love,
Afeeyah xo


  1. I'm actually looking into buying some hair off of Aliexpress and just about finding sellers and such, there's princess.. something haha. I find her/their hair to be quite expensive though but will definitely check out this one.
    Love the hair and I'm glad it doesn't shed too much.x

  2. you got ya huuuurrrrr did and its looking mighty fine!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  3. woaah absolutely love your hair <3
    and btw. your make-up is gorgeous!!

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  4. Absolutely beautiful hun❤️❤️❤️ U look gorgeous and just inspired me for my next hairstyle thanks��

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