Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 Resolutions ♥♥

Hello my sweetiepies; happy New Year!!!! 2013 has been and gone and here we go into 2014, the land of many possibilities. Today, I want to share with you my new year's 'resolutions'; now I don't really believe in making unattainable goals like getting married to Ryan Gosling (it will happen some day) so these are goals and plans that I have for the year and hopefully by the end of December 2014 I can look back on this post and tick things off. *picture HEAVY post*

1. Get closer to God; as a girl I have grown to rely and depend on God because as humans we always get lost at some points in our lives and just the guidance from God has always helped me.

2. Read more books. I used to read A LOT of books but since I started uni I find myself to have stopped reading for leisure and only reading academic material. Well now uni is out of the way, I plan to read a few different kind of books (please leave any recommendations below). Knowledge is power.

3. Live and Laugh more. Most of us are always concerned about the future and most times fail to enjoy the now and this year I plan to do just that. Spend time with family, friends, laugh more, make a fool out of myself, do things I never would have done. Do more for others; GIVE (time, money, love etc).
I also want to go to a festival and a gig for the first time ever this year. 

4. Travel oh travel; I really want to travel and experience new things, new people and new cultures. I think travelling doesn't have to be out of the country (am deffo leaving the country though lol) but even if you can go to somewhere you haven't been in the country you're in for a weekend, that still counts as travelling.

Ooh whisk me away to these places already.

5. Get fit and eat right.Get that right body girl; God help me cos sometimes I can get a bit lazy :(
urgh can I have this body please?

6. Get to know myself and become the lady/woman I am meant to be. Try different styles, be a little bit more daring; I never stick to a style of dressing; I wear whatever I like and whatever I think suits so more of that this year girl.

7. Increase my makeup collection, although I have a lot, you can never have enough makeup. I also plan to do more makeup related posts.

8. Invest in a designer item or 2. Every girl would love to own some loubs, chanel prada ysl michael kors bags or shoes so this year I want to start my designer collection as a treat to myself so am looking forward to that whether it's a pair of shoes, a bag, jewellery or even sunglasses.

9. Be more responsible; especially financially (I shall NOT be broke this year!!)

What Gossip Girl taught me. Sigh

10. Do different things with my hair; love my natural hair and play with it. Also play about with braids, weaves and everything. I love my natural hair but it is just so hard to deal with it because it's at the point where it's not short enough for short and not long enough for full buns but we shall get there. I been loving short hairstyles on people!

11. Last but not least; it true loves comes knocking; I hope I open the door and not slam it shut '__'

All images were taken from tumblr, weheartit, pinterest and blogs (links included)

Eek am so excited for this year and a little bit emotional right now lol. I am excited for the future yet very scared but you know you gotta make everyday count.
What are your resolutions? I can't wait to bring you along with me on this journey.
Baci (kisses in italian)
Afeeyah xo



  1. Nice*
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3

  2. This is such a cute post, I myself am wanting to come a lot closer to god this year as im getting baptised this January which is a big step and I know that having god in my heart will help me along my journey, and like wise if love does come knocking on my door by any miracle then I hope im excepting and open the door!x x

    Happy new year my sweet x x

    Jess x

    1. Thanks Jess doll; aww goodluck with your baptism and God deffo has your back during this journey xx

  3. Happy new year dear, looks like we both have similar goals, i don't think i can do even the smallest thing without putting God first,More over this year i plan to be closer to him more. Regarding financial goals...Hun i say Amen to never being broke . I love your post.

    1. Amen hun; nah we can't be broke this year. Have a great year xx

  4. I love this goal of reading more books. I'm definitely right there with you! I hope to read at least one book per month :)
    xo TJ

  5. Amen to being daring! I'm getting worse this year haha x

  6. great post!! I love these new years resolutions :)
    I'm following you back and look forward to reading more posts on your blog dear!



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