Thursday, 25 June 2015

Review ~ Exante Diet Products ♥♥

Hello loves; hope you're all doing great! Blogger has been giving me troubles recently like I spent hours on this blogpost and it got deleted after I saved it; I wanted to die but anyways today is a new day. Blogger can't kill my vibe.

So today I am speaking about these Exante Diet products that I have been trying; we have all embarked on a healthy lifestyle and I have discovered my downfall is my snacking; it's like I can't control eating bad :( So these snacks are perfect if you want to snack on something healthy and not break your diet. And yes it's not a diet; it's a lifestyle!
Exante Diet is a destination for its 100,000+ users who go there for snacks, meal packs, smoothie, drink mixes (like these) and weight loss help. There are also reviews on nearly every item which I loved to be able to see what other people think of the products.

This is actually one of the bestsellers and it is sold out at the moment but you can always find out when it's back in stock. Personally I didn't enjoy it as much as I though I would perhaps because of the mix however it scored a 4.2/5 on the site based on the customer's reviews. This is filled with vitamins and minerals and it is low in calories; 60g is 205cals only. Imagine that for a chocolate bar!

If ypu love pancakes like me then you know, they are a lovely treat but not always as too much can be unhealthy but how about a healthier option? The satchet is enough for 2 pancakes and that is the recommended amount for a low calorie diet; I  wasn't mad about the taste but I would like to mix it with my ususal pancake mix maybe 50/50 so it tastes better but it's still healthier. Remember though if you are on a strict 'lifestyle change' then you might want to stick to their reccomendations. It's full of vitamins and minerals again and the satchet is 201 calories.

Apple Crumble & Custard
I wasn't able to try this as I don't like custards and I have bad experiences with them but if you are a custard lover then am sure you will love this. Healthy custard? Must be a dream. But you are not dreaming; it's all over on Exante Diet.

Exante Diet Choco Balls
I have left the best for last; this was by far the one I loved the most. Now as you might have guessed I do have a sweeth tooth so these choco balls were welcomed by my taste buds. It tasted a bit like maltessers but without the guilt. These are only 160 calories for a bag and it scored a whopping 4.75/5 on the site with great reviews. Honestly if anything this will be the best buy if you have a sweet tooth like me for your chocolate fix.

Have you tried any Exante diet products? Do you have any fave healthy snacks?
Please put them down below so we can all take notes. 
We need all we can get in this lifestyle change.
Have a fab weekend loves,
Afeeyah xo

             I was kindly gifted these items by Exante Diet. It is all my opinion 100%.

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