Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas 2015 & My Holiday Traditions ♥

Hey loves; I really can't believe that Christmas is LITERALLY round the corner. This month has literally whizzed past me & I have been so busy that I am actually looking forward to the break to get some rest cos I NEED it. 
Today I wanted to just speak about my Christmas plans & traditions & I hope it can be interactive & everyone can also comment what they are doing.

Christmas is an awesome time & it's the birth of Jesus so I always get giddy, It's also the Season for giving & spending time with the family which I love.
Christmas usually comes when the year is over giving me time to reflect on the year & recharge for the following year; who else does a look back over the year?

I am also BOUND to gain weight over Christmas as we know; there ain't no diet BIHHH! I love to enjoy my hearty Christmas dinners without feeling guilty & then becoming part of the couch because I literally can't move for hours. Just. Too. Full.
The amounts of chocolates I consume every Christmas period is .......Uncountable!

My house is always full at Christmas with family & friends & the environment is just so beautiful, exchanging gifts, eating, chatting & just spending time with each other in laughter & multiple food comas.
I always want to glam up every Christmas but I never do because my mum will be ordering me up & down to help her cook AND I wanna be comfy AND wear clothes that allow me to EAT FREELY.
One of the worst things in life is wearing tight clothes when trying to pig out :(

These PJs are so comfy & just heaven sent ! They keep me warm & are very spacious; I have had PJs in the past that have been restrictive but these are far from, espescially at night cos I move a lot in my sleep! 
They will be my Christmas outfit this year & I can't wait to slip into them Christmas Eve & to be honest these will be worn by me all winter season till Spring/Summer.
This Christmas we are having a twist of events; Christmas day will be as usual but in the evening, my Church has organised a Christmas dinner so we shall be going to that & I am part of the youth Nativity play!
I am playing a very happy ecstatic friend/bridesmaid of Virgin Mary (we modernised it) LOL. Am looking forward to it.

 Pyjamas ~ Fat Face* // In-house Slippers ~ Fat Face* // White Cushion ~ Wilkos // Glasses ~ H&M

Before I bid you goodnight (its after 11pm), let's just look at these in-house sheepskin slippers OMGOSH! They are sooo comfy & so warm; I am the coldest person in this world, I have a water bottle on my lap right now.
These keep my toes warm and DUPE ALERT; I have always wanted the UGG slippers and these are soooo much more affordable and these cover your full leg whereas the UGG don't fully cover.
These in house slippers are also an awesome GIFT idea if you are running out of ideas and time, along with the PJs; have a looksie here.

Anyways, what are you up to this Christmas?
Let us know hun!

Merry Christmas my loves & a very Happy New Year!
Afeeyah xo

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