Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 Blessings & Goals/Aspirations for 2016 ♥ Hello 2016!

Happy New Year my love; YESSS, we have made it; we have crossed into a new year, a new ERA, 2016; the Year of Unlimited Possibilities.

Hello 2016!

I thank God for keeping & preserving us through last year; the whole 365 days without fail; there has been may tragedies and we have lost a lot of awesome dope people but thank God we have been able to see this new year so here's counting our blessings & being grateful for what we have been given.

Let's talk about God's blessings through 2015; I am extremely to have spent this year with all of you. This year I gained admission back into university after trying for 3 years and basically giving up. This year God showed me to rely on him before everything. This year I made new friends that taught me how to love & be kind.

This year I was featured on Buzzfeed & worked with several brands & made lots of connections.
This year I lost weight; gained weight, lost it again & now at this stage the weight has been FOUND & I am trying to get rid of it again LOL. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL YO!

2016 is about to be PHENOMENAL. I don't believe in Resolutions; I believe in setting GOALS & being able to HIT & TICK them all. These goals are meant to make a DIFFERENCE in not only my life but to better those around me.

Here are my 2016 goals;

1. Make God my everything; to be honest, I slipped up a bit at the  end of last year but thank God he is faithful to restore & this year I want to start it strong & finish STRONG in the Lord.

Ways to do this:
  • Inject in my everyday life; in my early morning prayers; on my social media feed (Facebook, Insta, Twitter & tumblr). When you surround yourself with what you want to have more of, it's easier to have more of it.
  • Ensure I make church & prayers a priority & when i can't make it to church, still listen to the Word
  • People I follow that are awesome to encourage are  Pastor Rick Warren, Heather & Cornelious Lindsey, RealTalkKim (on insta), Joyce Meyer, Paged like godlydating101 (insta), artsychristian (insta), dana chanel (insta), chloeadosreis (insta), the 365movement (insta).

2. Blog goals; I want to build my brand and take everything up a notch; I want the blog to be FLEEKY, and I want to learn new skills to share with you guys & it's not just makeup & fashion but life skills too that can be used to better each other. I help you, you help me :)

3.Travel more; last year I visited Marrakech (posts 1, 2 & Sicily (posts 1,2 & 3) which was just awesome & helped me broaden my horizon. Travelling just allows me to have experiences & memories that will forever stay with me.

This year, it will be hard to go away as I will be studying full time so I will be trying to save as much as I can. I will do a post about how to find affordable holidays but you want to look on for awesome holiday deals.

4. I need to have a healthy lifestyle, last year my lifestyle was really good, I incorporated a lot of fruit & veg in there & this year I plan to introduce a lot more of that. Soup is also another one of my great assets in staying fit.

5. Read more, Last year, I decided to read and started  a few book. I have been buying a lot of books & now I have about 8 to get into this year & hopefully I can read & share some book reviews with you all.

6. This year I want to up my game; also I want to speak more about Health & Fitness & provide you with more lifestyle posts. Let me know if you like the sound of that.
I am uploading 3 POSTS a week in January so look forward to that my loves.

Excited about 2016? Me too :)

What about you loves? What was the highlight of 2015? What are your goals & aspirations?
Let me know down below!
Speak soon, 
Afeeyah xo

'If God is all you have; you have all you need'
John 14vs8

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