Friday, 2 September 2011

I love me some new HAIR!!

So it's at that point of my life again: I need to decide on my next hairstyle. I have had my natural all summer and it's getting thinner, dry and brittle due to all the changes in the weather; how sad :(.
But the exciting bit is in about 3weeks time I will have a new hairstyle on YAY. I wanted to do a short weave but I have had my hair short all summer so its gonna be a long weave.
Here are a selection of the possible styles:

Over to my lovelies.
Which one do you think is the best? And also ladies, do you know anywhere I can get weaves for great quality and cheap?
Also what brand will you recommend, bear in mind am a student lol.
These days brazilian hair is the new in trend but oh so expensive gosh :(



  1. I love the 4th style! It reminds me of Cher Lloyd's style - it would really suit you :)


  2. thanks ashleigh!! i think it looks great too. xxxAfeeyahxxx

  3. thank u Natashaaa, i love them too. sooo excited to get my hair done now

  4. I love the hair of the girl with the big red bow. :)

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