Wednesday, 31 August 2011

African Prints In Our World Today

Hello my lovelies. Hope your all well. I have been MIA for a few days.
What's been happening in y'all lives? There was carnival which was good; I went with my kid brothers so I couldn't be naughty (sigh :( ) but it was fun nevertheless.
Also recently at work, I have been working with the kids on a project: we are using African prints to design T shirts and even dresses.
African Prints are currently been sported on celebrities and models and are the new trend. Here are a few pics:

What do you guys think? Please leave comments. xxxAfeeyahxxx


  1. These prints r stunning, and i would most certainly wear them!

  2. Love the post, love everything african print! Some of your images are designs by Zedeye, who I had the pleasure of assisting for during the Afro hair and beauty show, she is crazyily (is that even a word?) amazing!

    My fam are off to Nigeria in a few days and have asked them to bring me back some ankara so ca't wait to see the treasures they bring back.

    Lydia X

  3. yea they are so cute girls.
    @ Lydia,awww wow you got good connections ;). Please o, tell them to bring stuff for me too i beg!!! lol

  4. What fun post! Loved the gossiping girls!

  5. ahhh i am in love with this nails awesome:)La Folie 


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