Saturday, 10 December 2011

How to rock dreaded 'knitwears' this brrr winter

Hey there lovelies, how have you been? So what is this weather playing at?
There has been snow in Leeds/Bradford and I am not happy about it.
If its gonna snow, then there should be a snowstorm so uni/school/college will be cancelled.Then I will be happy!
So anyhow I have been rocking dreaded massive 'knitwears' and still looking every bit as fashionable as always lol.
What you need:

  • Thick knitwear (as seen in previous post)

  • Thick tights ( Tip: you can double up your tights)

  • Furry (funny) boots

  • Woollen hat

  • A brave attitude, accesories and a smile :)

  • Then have fun

Me and Sammy (my bestie) having fun. P.S. This was the library........
Have a fab weekend darlings xxxAfeeyahxxx


  1. Your outfit is so pretty! Love your shoes and hat :)

  2. Thank you darling.

  3. Comfy and still stylish!

  4. U r very pretty gal. U look so comfy&stylish xx

  5. Thanks for following me! Follow you back xx

  6. Thanks ladies.....xxxAfeeyahxxx


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