Friday, 6 April 2012

When Mr Sun came out to play........

Hey there my lovelies; hope your all great and having a good easter break. 
I have been lazying about which is not good as I have so many assignments when I get back and exams. :(
So to eliminate all these depressing thoughts, I decided to dress up, look fab and enjoy Mr Sun.
Me and him had a very 'steamy' session.
Here is the evidence:

This is not my camera guys in case you were wondering why the pictures were so high quality LOL!!

My chin looks really long in this pic; I promise you guys; that is not how it looks in real life!!

Looooove my new Vans :)

Now this is what I look like in real life; no elongated chin!!
What am wearing:
Amazing Vintage Levi Jeans
Fred Flistone's T-shirt - Primark (I just had to get it)
Pink Cardigan - M&S
Necklace and bangles - Miss Selfridge
Vans - Office
Tights - Primark ( I think)

Thanks my lovelies for reading!! What do you think and what are your plans this Easter?
Am going to be at church because Jesus is the reason for the season :)
And also I would really appreciate it my lovelies, if you could take some time out and support me on youtube by subscribing to my beauty/fashion channel.  Thank you guys so much.
Wishing you all a lovely Easter 



  1. i love this look
    the legging rock$$

  2. This is so cute! Love the t shirt!

    xo, Jay

    That's so Fletch

  3. Awww thanks Jenna

  4. Cute shirt! I like the length of the cardi too :)

    Visit me Hybrid Hunter

  5. I like your sirt and the tights! Looks good :)

  6. Awww thanks Tanii


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