Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Review: Wei Black Soy Instant Lifting Face Treatment Pads

Hey there lovelies; hope you're all doing great and having a lovely week.
I have been getting into skincare recently because as an oily acne prone individual (oh the joy) I really have to look after my skin as I wasn't blessed with perfect skin.
So I recently got a sample of the Wei Black Soy Instant Lifting Face Treatment Pad (such a mouthful) in a glossy box and I just got round to trying because I just felt like my skin needed a lift and oh did it lift it.

This is what it looks like and in the next few pictures you shall see me without making up (cringe lol)

So the picture on the left shows me before the treatment and the right with the treatment on; its a mask rich in amino acids and proteins of which both are essential in collagen formation.

These pictures are the after effect; I absolutely loved it and I felt like my skin felt and looked amazing-ish.
So if you want a face lift without the syringes this is for you; I must say it is expensive, Space Nk sells 6 of these in a pack for £55.00. Very very pricey. But for the benefit of your skin? It's totally worth it.

What do you ladies think? What are your skin problems?

p.s. I have braids now, you like?
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  1. This sounds cool girl, my skin issues are always worse in the summer and my pores show a lot more. I recently purchased the body shop Aloe cleanser, toner and moisturizer for sensitivity skin and it has given life to my skin hun. I'm glowing ;)

    1. Really? I might have to try it, am using their tea tree night cream at the moment; gosh skin issues smh but you have great skin babe xx

  2. yh its really good and you only have to use a small amount to get a good result. The only issues i had with it was it didn't have instructions on how to use it but i checked bodyshop online and it was on there.

    1. yea ok love will deffo check it out xx

  3. You an really see the difference! Also, everything tea tree helps me a lot. Especially Australian brands ABC products.


    1. Thanks Brigita, that's what we want, a difference lol. Yea I love tea tree products too; will have a look at these ABC products on amazon cos I haven't seen them anywhere in the uk xxx

  4. Ahh, i need to do that!lol seriously:) You have braids like me, they suit you so much xx


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