Sunday, 15 September 2013

How I style Florals

Hello my beautiful darlings; hope you're all okay and doing great. I assume you assume by the title that this post is gonna involve some floral item of some sort. I am sorry, I love florals so sue me. I wore this outfit on a day out shopping; seems that is all I do; anyhow I love these floral pants by Topshop, I just paired it with a basic top from Zara and a pair of my fave heeled sandals from Zara as well. This is an easy way to wear florals by making it chic. You can also mix prints and Nokhuthala does that the best.

My fave drink at Starbucks this whole summer; Valencia Orange and it doesn't have as many calories as the fraps (I usually used to go for the strawberry and cream frap, very healthy)

Bag ~ Zara
Have a lovely week ahead; what are your plans for the week?

Shine Bright Today!!



  1. really nice outfit !!

  2. Gorgeous outfit! you look beautiful as always xxx

  3. This look is gorgeous!!

    Following you now! Hope you can follow back!!

    XOXO ♥ Kia - Cosmo Gloss Blog

    1. Thanks hun,will defoo check you out and follow xx

  4. Great look, love it!

  5. Those trousers are sooo nice x

    1. Thanks hun; I love em and I copped them in the sale too !!


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