Thursday, 14 November 2013

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser Review ♥♥

Hiya dolls; how are you all? Hope everyone is doing really good and don't worry, Friday is just around the corner.
My skin has been acting up A LOT recently and I have been breaking out; it might be the weather change or the fact that I started using a new nigh gel :(
So I decided to start all over; I stopped using the night gel and started using my Caudalie Instant Foaming cleanser daily.

I bought the Instant Foaming cleanser when I was in Italy and the sales assistant said it was great for someone with acne prone skin like me; so I got it and it has been amazing for me during these sad sad sad times. It is very gentle on the skin and because it's a foam it doesn't aggravate the skin in any way.
The key ingredients are Red grape extract (which is an anti-oxidant) and Sage which is purifying. I have seen a great difference in my skin and for now am just using that day and night as a gentle cleanser for my face.
So ladies, if you're dealing with some skin issues, this is a great gentle cleanser that will gently nurse your skin back to health; you can purchase the Caudalie Instant Foaming cleanser at Space Nk here.
What do you use for acne? Or when your skin breaks out?
Afeeyah xo

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