Sunday, 9 February 2014

Get On That Camel ♥♥

Trends come and go quick that before you say 'I am going to try and go gym 5times a week' there's a new trend out. Now the camel trend is something I welcomed with open hands because it combines my two favourite things; fashion + comfort.

I managed to snap up this lovely coat from Warehouse for only £36 from £100!! There was no way I walking out of there without it. It is so warm and their sale is still on so have a look and you might get a bargain. 

  The slip on trend is also very welcomed by me and I am wearing my leopard print ones from Toms and I loved the combination with the Camel coat.
This outfit was perfect for a day out in Manchester and the coat kept me warm so I didn't complain about the weather too much.
 Coat ~ Warehouse // Bag & Blouse ~ Matalan // Jeans ~ Zara // Slip ons ~ Toms // Necklace ~ Zophra

 How do you feel about the camel trend?
Omg I am so excited about LFW, who is coming? I will be there on Friday and Saturday, meh cyant wyait *carribean accent* lol
Have a fabulous week 
Afeeyah xo



  1. love the whole outfit, especially the coat and the shoes :) you look amazing girl! xx

  2. Looking good gal. Love the coat. When is the LFW? I wanna go - maybe we can hit it together. What do you say? Holla at me :-)

    1. So I only seen this now; this is what happens when you don't have a laptop for a month, sorry babe we should still meet up for a meal sometime xx

  3. Love this trend, I'm going bezerk on ebay trying to find a perfect one for myself but just can't seem to find that exact one I want lol. #girlproblems.

  4. I need this coat!! You look amazing here x

  5. Lol love the Carribean accent at the end :P Lovely outfit X


    1. Lol thanks babe, I get a bit crazy sometimes

  6. Loving your jacket! Just the perfect shade for your skin tone! Camel can be tricky if you're a bit more 'tan'. lol. & Gorgeous bag, by the way ;D

    <3 Carsla
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