Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kiko Makeup Haul ♥♥

 Hey dolls so erm I might have bought a few things from Kiko. Again. Now as you saw in my kiko haul in Italy (here) and then in my review (here) I kinda love the brand so imagine my surprise when I bumped into it on Oxford Circus; my heart skipped for joy. Really it did.
There was a massive sale going on so I decided to stock up.

I purchased 3 foundation sticks, 2 lipsticks and I re-purchased the concealer I bought when in Italy because it is now a crucial step in my foundation routine; sadly it was not on offer:(

I bought 3 foundation sticks because I wanted to use them as a foundation, concealer and contour colour. As seen above the middle colour is the closest to my skintone (13), the one of the left is supposed to be lighter (12) but seems a bit darker; I then bought the darkest colour (16) to use as a contour colour; I have always wanted a cream contour and I thought this will be perfect as a try compared to the Bobbi Brown one I had my on which is so much more expensive.

I then bought lipsticks. As you do. I went for a purple and a mauve-ey kind of colour and they are sheer with super lustre for everyday use so be on the look out for reviews of these and the foundation.
Kiko is a makeup brand from Milan and their products are super affordable, be sure to check their websites for offers cos who doesn't like a bargain?
Have you ever tried Kiko? 
What's your fave Kiko product? Leave your comments below.
p.s. It's Fridayyyyy!!

Lots of love, 
Afeeyah xo



  1. never heard of kiko, the swatches look great, will love to try :)

    1. Yea definitely check online and I will try and do a review soon :)

  2. These look great. I'm gonna have to try some x

  3. I hope you do a review of the foundations they look good . How much were they ? x

    1. I shall do a review, oops I forgot to say they were £4!!

  4. i'd love to try these. sadly,. i don't think they're available here! cute purple lippies :)

    1. Aww try online; they might ship to you xx

  5. The foundation sticks look cool. I've never tried their foundation before x

  6. love the pink purple lipstick <3

    Serah from

  7. What a great make-up haul! Love this :)
    xo TJ


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