Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Current Top 5 Summer Lipsticks ♥♥

Hey there; I know Fall/Autumn is just around the corner but I want to fully take advantage of the last bits of summer before its sadly gone. I want to share with you my Current Top 5 Summer Lipsticks; please bear in mind these pictures were taken before Paris so I didn't have the MAC Flat Out Fabulous (as seen here) which has turned out to be one of my new faves.
Now the last time I did a blog post like this, it was really well received so here goes; don't forget to share it everywhere!

NYX lipstick in Tea Rose; this is a matte dusty rose pink; I usually line my lips with a brown lip liner before applying this so it's not too pale looking. This lipstick has a matte and creamy consistency and lasts the whole day. I love to wear it when I want to go for an everyday look (as seen here) and sometimes I add a gloss to give it a glam look like here. NYX is now available in NEXT stores across the UK if you didn't know and it's quite affordable; I like the fact you can go into store and swatch the products. I wanted to get a few things from them at IMAT but the line was super duper long and I didn't have time to wait as I had to catch my train so am now stalking Next for when they do their 3for2 offers.
They also have a website!!

Sleek Makeup lipstick in Mystic (also seen here); I have had this lipstick for over 2 years and every summer I whip it out and fall in love with it all over again. It is a fuchsia pinkish colour and it looks darker in the lipstick shot but the shots of me wearing them are pretty much spot on. It has a matte and creamy consistency once again and lasts throughout the day. It is also very opaque and has a great colour pay off. This is such a hot summer lippie or sometimes in the winter if you just feeling 'bad' (go on witcho' bad self girl). I usually wear this lippie without a lipliner cos I find I don't need to but you could use a purple liner if you wanted to.

MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt; this is a lovely coral lipstick that looks amazing on all skin tones; if you happen to pass by a MAC go on in and swatch this; am sure you will love it. On me it gives me a slight pinky-coraly tinge but on lighter skin tones it looks like a bright colour. It has an amplified creme finish so it tends to looks glossy so it can be worn as an everyday colour. I do wear a brown lip liner with it; my go to brown lip liner is MAC cork but I also want to pick up a few from NYX cos they are a lot more cheaper.

MAC lipstick in Girl About Town; it's an amplified creme lipstick so it comes off very glossy. I am absolutely in love with this colour especially for spring/summer times. This is actually my second one because I lost my first one :( this lipstick however does not last as long because of the finish but I don't cos I can quickly just reapply and be on my way. This lipstick is a bright blue fucshia so all skin tones can rock it (go get yours girl). I use this lipstick without a lip liner nut if need be MAC magenta will be a good one to use. I have worn this lipstick several times in the past as I cannot get enough. I don't know why but this particular look makes me feel like I am channeling Nicole G.

MAC lipstick in Heroine; now this lippie has taken over the world; everyone and their mama's cat have been talking about it so of course I have to give it a go and it's a deep purple; it looks different on different skin tones but I have seen it look amazing on brown girls and deeper skin toned girls however still have a swatch and you might fall in love with it. It has a matte finish so it stays on for the longest time; I must say it has fast become one of my faves and I do feel 'bad ass' when I wear it. I have worn it here and here.

Thanks for reading; hope you enjoyed this. What are your staple summer lipsticks?
Are you excited for fall makeup? (I sure am)
Lots of hugs and kisses,
speak soon
Afeeyah xo



  1. Heroine does not look that good on me, but it looks gorg on you! Stunning!

    1. Aww thanks hun; maybe just dab it on and try different lipliners with it.
      Afeeyah xo


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