Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Paris Chronicles ~ Maxi Loving ♥♥

Bonsoir! I am still in the holiday mood but the british weather is definitely hitting me with reality; it's so cold! I was in Paris for almost a week and it was a wonderful experience; I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait to go back, hopefully with a mister (I went with the bestie this time).
The crepes were so tasty and the ice creams were just the absolute best; if you are ever in France try the mango ice cream and you will be amazed.
Anyways, onto the outfit; I decided on this stripy maxi dress I got in the sale at Ark clothing because it is so effortless and yet so feminine at the same time. It hugged me in the right places but also allowed room to breathe.
This dress was strapless so I wore a Victoria Secret strapless bra which was quite nice; strapless bras are a must; espescially in the summer.

(I am always talking smh)

These beautiful pictures were taken at a park very close to the Eiiffel Tower; all the scenery was just so gorgeous!

These mirrored sunglasses from Primark made me feel so cool :)

Pictures by the bestie Sammy

The Eiffel tower is just amazing; I was amazing at how other people just like me could build something so amazing; I just couldn't take my eyes off it.
 Dress ~ Ark // Necklaces & Sunglasses ~ Primark // Bag ~ New Look // Sandals ~ Italy // Rings ~ Topshop // Lipstick ~ MAC Flat Out Fabulous

I paired the dress with some sandals and a statement necklace. Loved this New Look bag as it was very big and roomy but it broke on the first day so that was a FAIL :(
Hope you liked this outfit. Do you wear maxi dresses often?
Have you been to Paris before?
Talk to you soonest
Afeeyah xo 

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  1. You look so pretty and seemed to enjoy yourself very much. I have a dream to visit Paris., xo

  2. Maxi dress looks good on you. Beautiful! Hope you guys had fun in Paris.

  3. So lucky! I love the city of Paris, so pretty & romantic!! Maybe one day I will be able to return back there! Looking pretty in your maxi dress

  4. lovely dress

  5. paris is one of my favorite cities - these photos are stunning!


    1. Thanks sweetie; it's such a beautiful place xx

  6. Can't resist a good maxi dress! :P
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog hun.

    Wahiba x

    1. Yes gotta love the maxis; aww you're welcome sweetie, I love your blog xx


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