Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day Four ~ Review: Bioderma Makeup Remover ♥

bioderma review

I want to take this time to personally apologise to the Bioderma company for taking so long to do this review *hides face* I bought my first bottle all the way back in 2013 (here) and since then it has been love at first application!
Bioderma is basically a miccellar water and basically it's a solution that is super sensitive and very effective in taking off your face AND eye makeup. It truly is magical.
 I love Bioderma because it is so gentle on the skin and the eyes; firstly it takes the makeup off with no effort or struggle; some makeup removers leave your skin feeling so dry and red and irritated but that is not the case with Bioderma.

bioderma review
 Buy it here (link and another link)!

They are also super gentle on the eyes; I can freely open my eyes without feeling like I am going to go blind and I do have really sensitive eyes. I apply the Bioderma to cotton pads (superdrug or boots) and then proceed to take off all my makeup. I am on my second bottle; I got the second one from Paris and I need to re stock soon because I can't be without this. You can use the Bioderma even when you haven't worn maekup during the day; it successfully takes off any dirt from your face. I still wash my face after using my Bioderma as I always double cleanse but the Bioderma takes off about 90-95% of your makeup. So if you haven't tried it, give it a go. It works for ALL skin types.
Have you tried the Bioderma before? What's your favourite cleanser? Let me know down below.
Afeeyah xo

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