Thursday, 5 February 2015

Day Six ~ 20 Random Facts About me (Part 1)

Hi my loves; hope your week is going good. TGIF right? I am so excited for the weekend as the past week has been very hectic espescially with the daily blogging plus a full time job; I salute all the daily bloggers out there; it's no joke.
So today I wanted to have a bit of a personal post so that you can get to know me a little bit more so I am doing the 20 random facts about me; but just 10 facts today as I tend to babble on.
So let's get right into it!

  1. I never watch movies or shows or even Youtube videos without thinking about them later on; I don't know why but I do a lot of thinking and that's why you will never catch me falling asleep when watching something or I'll spend forever thinking and guessing how it ended lol.
  2. I was raised in Italy till I was 14 so I am part Italian and I love the culture so much; my ideal will be probable either raising my kids there or having a family home out there for regular holiday. I mean come on, it's Italy; the food, the views, the fashion and the men.....
  3. I HATE rude people; I have a pet peeve of when you either keep the door open for someone or do something nice and they don't say thank you; is it that hard? Don't you have manners? And I also HATE when people get off the bus without saying thank you to the bus driver (that's if you get out by the bus driver side), just be polite gosh.
  4. I am a very smiley person, I am known as the one that smiles and laughs a lot everywhere I go; I have an 'infectious' laugh ie weird lol.
  5. BUT I do not like my smile in photos; it hardly ever translates hence why in most of my pics I am smiling on the inside LOL, resting bitch face crew!!
  6. I watch Youtube videos everyday or almost everyday ever since I got hooked 3-4 years ago, wow time flies.
  7. I love old people; I find them so cute, so wise and just a blessing to be around plus people think I am an old person in a young person's body lol but it's all good you go ahead and go clubbing, I'll stay at home and watch my shows and drink my green tea.
  8. I grew up in Italy not liking my body because I was constantly told I had a big ass and big lips and never saw it as anything good, fast forward to now I thank God for creating me this way, my body is still not perfect but I love the general just gotta get rid of the ole big belly :(
  9. God is everything to me; if I woke up tomorrow and had to face this life without God, I swear it won't be worth living; it's just great to know that everything will work out in God's perfect timing.
  10. My technological skills are atrocius, God only knows how I manage to blog like I have 20 songs on my Iphone an I have had Iphones since 2011/12 it's a real struggle, that's why I don't do fancy stuff on my blog because I simply can't, Lord help me.
So there's a few things about me, hope you can relate or know more about me. Are you like me in anyway? Before you leave, tell me 1 random fact about you down below!
Afeeyah xo

Current Fave song ~ Avalon - Can't live a day


  1. Hello, I really love your blog and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

    Check out my post where I nominate you x

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one struggling with technology lmfao. Love the fact that you were raised in Italy, so jealous!


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