Sunday, 19 April 2015

FMM (Face Mask Mondays) ~ Dr organic organic virgin olive oil face mask ♥♥

Hello my beautiful people; hope you're all doing good; it's been a while since I did a FMM (Face Mask Monday) so I decided to do one today.
I have been using this mask for a while and decided to introduce it to you today; I picked this up from Holland & Barretts, where they stock Dr Organic skincare, As you probably know, I really like this brand as I did a review here.
This is an olive oil mask and olive oil has so many great benefits; cooking/hair so when I saw that there was a face mask, I couldn't pass it up.
This mask provides 3 main benefits; deep cleaning, toning and pH balancing. This mask cleanses the skin from impurities and the rich clay in the ingredients draws oil and impurities out from the pores.
The oil, shea butter, and cocoa also leave the skin feeling toned and hydrated. I love that it balances my skin and its oil production as well being that I do have combination - oily skin.
I do believe that this skin works well for people with normal - very oily skin; not so much the dry - very dry skin types as it contains clay which typically removes impurities by drying out the skin.

Buy it here ; only £6.39
This comes out as an off white paste and dries soon after when placed on the skin; I typically leave it on for at least 30mins till whenever but 10mins is the recomended time but I always leave it on for longer so the mask can penetrate the different layers of the skin. This mask left my skin feeling smooth and soft to tough and it felt like butter.
Dr Organic products as usual are paraben. SLS free and tehy don't test on animals and all that good stuff if that it a requirement for you; it's a great brand.
Having tried a few of their products and loved them I will deffo recommend having a mooch in H&B and looking at their range.
Hope you enjoyed this review and am taking all your comments on board from the giveaway so more drugstore/highstreet product reviews was requested so I am getting on it starting with this one. Many more new posts to come.
Have you tried any of the Dr Organic products? What's your favourite?
Have a great week beauties
Afeeyah xo


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