Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Hey loves, hope you're all good. I don't usually do this but maybe I should start. I wanted to quickly come show you an INCREDIBLE offer that I found and there's no way I could be a BAD friend and not let y'all know.

So I was walking in town minding my own business when I see that a REAL TECHNIQUES brush set had gone on OFFER (in Superdrug) and was now on £13.99! Mate I had to go back and buy 3 and now am letting you guys, my 'gurls' know.

I own a LOT  of the Real Technique brushes; the core set, the eye set, the powder brush, the setting brush and the expert face brush so altogether that's about 13 or so brushes that I own and I LOVE them to bits so imagine my surprise when they were so cheap :)

This sculpting brush set does not disappoint; it is super soft as the others, maybe even a tad softer and this is perfect for seamless and flawless blending girl. This set contains the sculpting brush (can't wait to use this for my contour), the fan brush ( I love fan brushes) and a setting brush (I prefer this to my regular Real Techniques setting brush).

I will say BUY IT ONLINE on Superdrug as when I went in store today to buy some more (sigh) there was only like 2 left so ONLINE is your best bet. I do not know how long it's lasting for, that's why am staying up late trying to get this post up for you girls.
Buy it here.
Get yours now; I hope this helped someone, I have to go to bed cos I have just 6 hrs left to sleep but I HAD to show y'all!

Goodnight and let me know if you buy any and how many lol.
Afeeyah xo 

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  1. What a coincidence ! I'll buy them this week ! Can't wait to get them !
    Nice blog sweetie :)

    If you need more support, follow me on GFC, I'll follow back.


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