Saturday, 16 May 2015

My Favourites Soap & Glory bits & bobs ♥

soap & glory

Hello loves; it's the weekend and am talking about some of my fave bath/skin products right now. As you can see on my beauty posts and IG posts; I love my face to Glow hunnay. I also like my body to glow; I love supple, smooth and glowing natural skin. And these Soap & Glory bits & bobs help me with that. I was able to try some Soap & Glory products cos I bought the christmas set where you get about 10 products for £30!

soap & glory the righteous butter

This is the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter and this is amazing as it glides so smoothly on the skin and really softens your skin; I love that it is so thick as I have really really dry skin so it really penetrates the skin; and it contains a lot of oils that are moisturising; coconut and rose. It also contains shea butter which is very moisturising as well. It also smells heavenly; if you don't like heavy scents you might not like this.

soap & glory sugar crush body scrub

Now onto the Sugar Crush Body Scrub, this is actually my second tub and this smells as good as the name suggests; I use this once or once every 2 weeks and it just gets rid of any dead skin and leaves my skin looking so smooth and soft; and glowing. It contains freshly squeezed sweet limes, crushed brown sugar and almomd oil to scrub away any dead skin and leave you looking supple!

soap & glory hand dream

The Soap & Glory Hand Dream is an everyday essential for me; it stay in my handbag because sometimes you leave the house with your hands looking ASHY and nobody wants that. The hand cream contains shea butter, macademia oil and marshmallow and it smells amazing. Here goes that shea butter again, with all its moisturising benefits keeping crusty hands at bay.

Now this product came out of nowhere; I had never used it before and this is the Orangeasm Body wash; might I say it gave me shower-gasm everytime I used it. The smell was just oh so amazing; I LOVED it; guys am telling you, go into Boots and smell this. Bruh. I am waiting for the Boots Soap & Glory 3 for 2 offer and I am stocking UP on these, (PS THE 3 FOR 2 IS NOW ON ONLINE, I included links for y'all) if you go into your local Boots and there's none left, Sorry girl, you snooze you loose. Ok but let's get into the ingredients in this bad boy; you have fresh green mandarin, sicillian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. It also contains tripple tea antioxidant, ginseng and much more. It literally has a bit of heaven in there I think.

Now these products can help to achieve supple, smooth and glowing skin.
Have you tried any of the Soap & Glory bath/body range? I dunno if I can cheat on my loves above but let me know what your faves are and I'll have a look next time am in Boots.

Have a lovely weekend; weekends go by so fast sigh
Afeeyah xo 



  1. I got the Christmas Set too and love so many of the products. Butter Yourself & Sugar Scrub are my favourites in the set. But I still use most of the other products. I just love the strong fruity yet sweet scents in the two.
    You should try out Hand Food too, I find it is a little more moisturising and longer lasting than Hand Dream.
    -Rumbie Love - xx

    1. Yea tried the Hand Food last year; loved it! OOh will try the butter yourself one :)

  2. I am a massive soap and glory fan! I absolutely love it x
    Jess x


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