Monday, 25 May 2015

Quick and Easy Healthy Lunch/Brunch ~ Bagel Goodness ♥♥

Happy Bank Holiday Monday loves, hope you really enjoyed yourself. I had a fun day out with the family at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and I did take a lot of snaps over on snapchat: @afeeyahx (follow me on there!)
Today I am showing you guys a quick meal I have grown to love and I can literally make this under 10 mins and it is really filling too.
I have been living a healthier for the past few years and recently it has gotten a lot more easier and finding quick healthy recipes like this make it a easier because the problem I have is having to cook a meal after a long day at work and that's when old habits kick in and you just eat anything.

It looks very simple and it is. All you need for the little concoction on the left is a bagel, avocado, salmon and an egg.
I cut a whole bagel into half and most times, half is filling enough but if you are really hungry you could use both halves of the bagel.

Step 1. Butter the bagel with avocado; as much as you can get onto the bagel

Step 2 : Add some avocado slices onto the avocado spread. I usually get the Sainburys salmon slices for £3. I think Morrissons and other places do cheaper but Sainsburys is my nearest local store :(

Step 3 : I do a little sunny side up egg which I fry very lightly with less than a teaspoon of olive oil; you can also just add a poached egg if you like, sometimes I do that too, whatever your preference is and voila!

I also add spices to my egg as well; I love to spice it up always; I added a pinch of salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper (cos I ran out of paprika; my first choice is ALWAYS paprika lol).

The avocado and salmon are really good for healthy living. Avocado is a weight loss friendly vegetable; it is full of fibre and helps to lower cholesterol and it has many more benefits,

Salmon is also a weight loss friendly fish and it contains a lot of vitamins and is jam packed with omega fatty acids too! The eggs are also full of protein and the bagel is great to keep you fuller for longer.

For the sauteed vegetables on the side; I literally just put some onions with my teaspoon of olive oil, and fried it up, then threw in my bell peppers and mushrooms and spinacg; you can add as many other vehetables as you can; I then put it on low heat and covered the saucepan for about 10mins to cook softly.

I also add my spices and it's up to you what you add but I added the usual suspects as above, then maggie cubes, white pepper and hot chili.
So that's pretty much it, I know you loved my other meal I posted on here so I will try and do more when I find quick and easy healthy meals.

Do you have any fave healthy meals? Let me know below so I can try them,
Wishing you all a blessed week.
Lots of love,
Afeeyah xo 



  1. ohh that looks good!

    Anne-Marie -

  2. This looks so good! I really need to try avocado, it looks so healthy!


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