Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hope everyone is ok? What with the economic situation, the riots across england and all; I just hope everyone is fine and well.......... So I was in Italy this summer for nearly 2months; its been a while since I was there...(quick recap: I am italian/african and I used to live there before my dad decided to move the whole fam to the UK). Oh well, moving on, so I went to visit my friends and family over there, I had a great time. The weather was so good, it was HOT all the time. Italy is full of great fashion sense, food, people, beaches  not forgetting MEN. Lol. But anyways here's a couple of pics from my Italian adventures.

P.S. my camera broke after like a week :( story of my life


  1. yea it really is beautifull. Thanks for the comment xizi. I have looked at your blog and I must say you are super talented. ♥ it.
    p.s. I love your camera too
    p.s.s I will be following your blog as soon as I get on bloglovin
    p.s.s.s (lol) thanks for the IFB add

  2. Looks gorgeous! I want to visit here so bad!


  3. Cortnie you should, for deffo, the sights, food oh i miss italy and the shopping; Carrie Underwood from Sex and the City will be so thrilled.


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