Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kim K can get it!!

Hey there lovely bloggers. Hope you are all well and no-one is upset about anything.
I have had quite a lovely day actually, woke up about 12, i know very lazy but in my defence it is a saturday and when uni starts I will have 9am lectures so let me be.
The highlight of my day was my 50mins zumba excercise; I just love it because am dancing which I love and at the same time burning calories. You guys should really try it.
Soo recently I have really started to grow fond of Kim K, she has come a long way.From being viewed as a fame whore, she is now a business woman earning millions BECAUSE she turned a bad situation to her advantage and put in hard work. Bless her. She has a great sense of style so enjoy these pics of Kim

She knows her body shape (hourglass) and so wears outfits that suit her shape.
Kudos Kim!!
P.S. All the pictures were taken from 

Tomorrow, well today is sunday and I will be wearing an african attire to church so watch out for the OOTD. My mum got me the outfit when she recently went to ghana *soo excited* !!
What do ya think of this post, please leave some comments.
Goodnight everyone, sleeptight and don't let the bed bugs bite.


  1. I love Kim Kardashian and generally all of their family <3
    Feel free to me if you like: D

  2. yea they are sooo gorgeous. yep am going right over to your blog xxx

  3. I can fault her in these oufits. She works those Curves!!!

  4. She's def a style muse as she should be...heck, she can afford it!

  5. Yep Kim can afford to look good erryday lol, love her.
    Thanks for the comments guys xxxAfeeyahxxx


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