Friday, 19 August 2011

Soo Tireddd

Hellooooooooo lovely bloggers,
So am exremely tired y'all. Gosh,had to start work at 9am today (arrgh) and then after that I walked all around bradford looking for a house for september.
Then I got home and headed straight to church, then I just had to relax when I got back so I watched 'No Strings Attached' with ASHTON KUTCHER!!
That man is FINEEEEEEE!! The thangs I will do to him...........ahem moving on, here are a few pics of him (Demi Moore is one lucky woman) KMT

Isn't he just adorable, fine, yummy, oh my days am gonna stop now LOL, what do y'all think?


  1. Yes, he is adorable. Those eyes and those full lips..

    2 words.

    "Yes, please." ;)

    Lol.. Thanks for sharing this post!


    Sojo, FWB

  2. Tehehe Femmeswithbenefits y'all are worse than me lol. But dayum God did take his time to create him. Btw I love your blog, nuff love xxxAfeeyahxxx

  3. I love the picture with the teddy bear, it's so cute!

  4. I love no strings attached, great film.
    I got here from IFB, and I like your blog!
    Check out Intrepid Inspirations if you haven't already..

    X Zoe X


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