Saturday, 1 September 2012

Thank you; it's been a year ♥♥♥

Hello lovelies....
OMG, I can't believe it's been roughly a year that I started blogging; and I did not have a clue how it worked and roughly 365days after; all I can say is THANK YOU.
Thanks for all your support, love and I think of you guys as my friends and some of you always take the time to comment on y posts; eg Sharon; she is so lovely, please check her out if you haven't.
All your comments inspire me to do more; thanks ladies and gentlemen for being part of my journey, helping me to write my story and I hope we shall continue this way for many more years to come.
I'll be having giveaways soon so don't hesitate to be a gfc follower.
I also thank everyone that congratulated me on my recent graduation; thank God for seeing me through 3years of uni.
I also thank everyone who wished e well for my smashbox interview; I GOT THE JOB.
Smashbox MUA here guys; am so glad that I'll be getting paid to play around with makeup which I love.
Once again. thank you all. I don't wanna get teary.................*looks around for tissues*
                                       xxxA very grateful Afeeyahxxx


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  1. Hopefully you'll see this...sorry for writing this on an old post! I love your blog and youtube and saw you got the job at smashbox well done! I have an interview for smashbox at boots soon what sort of questions did they ask you? im so nervous!
    again, love your blog :)


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