Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday's Best ~ Roses ♥♥

Happy Sunday loves; is it just me or was today freezing, like when I was walking to church, it was just freezing cold and rainy and windy but Thank God all the same for another day!!
Church was amazing today and one thing I want to share with you all is that without Faith all is lost; whatever project or venture you embark on; just have Faith that God has the best for you and that is what is coming your way.

Pencil skirts are perf for church and I got this skirt from Primarni in the sale and it just reminded me of roses and does it not look so cute?
I kept everything else pretty simple with my white blouse from Matalan and black heels.

 I had to wear my thick tights cos y'all know, you already know how cold it is. 
P.s. if I look weird it's cos I hardly wear makeup to Church, we be au naturelle lol

Skirt & Tights ~ Primark // Blouse ~ Matalan // Blazer ~Jane Norman // Bag ~ Zara // Heels ~ New Look

Hope you enjoyed this quick OOTD and wishing you all a lovely week.
Don't forget to be grateful for all you have, eat clean AND excercise (don't be lazy)!
Talk soon babes
Afeeyah xo



  1. Lovely outfit. Fine blend of simplicity and elegance.

    The design on the skirt, colour combo and those heels! All on point!!!

  2. Pretty! beautiful skirt

  3. Beautiful . i love how simple the look is but at the same time its just right .

    New Post :



  4. thank you for the sweet message about faith, it was a wonderful reminder for me today! i love this skirt, it would be perfect for valentines day!

  5. Love that skirt! Looks great!
    Maybe we can follow each other? Just let me know!

  6. Wow, such a pretty skirt, to think its from Primark and on sale. What a find.
    Thanks for the little message, having faith is so important and never to lose it. :)

  7. Love that skirt + you have great curves!

    xo, N

  8. Can't wait to go church, you've given me a new outfit idea

    Great Skirt

  9. this skirt looks amazing on you x

  10. The skirt is fantastic, a very lovely outfit xx


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