Thursday, 30 July 2015

Review ~ MyVitamins ♥♥

Hey loves; hope you are all doing good and enjoying the summer. It's been a pretty hectic couple of weeks and I have been meaning to talk about some new  loves of my life.
YES I have been LOVING vitamins and NO am not crazy.

I started taking vitamins since last winter; this is because I am that girl that always catches a cold before everyone else and even in the summer my hayfever is real bad *rolls eyes*
So I decided enough is enough and went to Holland & Barrets and got Vitamin C tablets.
I also got Multivitamins and Codliver oil from Wilkinsons and I was using them daily (obvi some days I forget).
I recently started trying the Myvitamins Total Acai Berry & True Woman (Hair, Skin & Nails) vitamins.

Now I have always heard about acai berry and it has numerous benefits; it is a superfood and it is a very powerful antioxidant and that just means it helps you not to get sick easily. People use acai berry in the paste form as part of 'yoghurts' and stuff like that but in a pill form its easier and more convenient for someone who is always on the move. Each vitamin contains 3000mg of acai berry.

Acai berry (buy here)*

At the back of each pack is the full information so you are fully informed and educated. It also tells you how many to take and all that. A pack of 60 is £5.49.
I particularly felt how good this worked over the past week as the office had to close cos there was a widespread bug and a lot of people were throwing up and stuff. Although I did get weak and run down I didn't get to the throwing up stage and if it had been a few months ago am sure I would have been one of the first *sigh* so I was really pleased.

Hair, Skin & Nails (buy here)*

Moving on to the Hair, skin & Nails vitamins; these are everywhere now but I love to get extra help wherever I can. It's not easy remembering to always look after your hair, skin and nails. I can deffo see a difference in my nails; I took my acrylic nails off in June and my nails were breaking badly and after taking these for about  2-4 weeks they are not breaking anymore and have been a lot stringer and if you have ever had acrylics you know how they mess up your nails and sometimes they take up to 6months to heal so this is a real good test of how great these vitamins are.
Haven't seen much of a difference with my hair and skin as at yet.
A pack of 60 is £7.49.

I must say I really enjoyed these vitamins and I recommend everyone to add vitamins to your daily intake as it id hardly possible to physically take in ALL the vitamins you need daily and I also spoke to my nurse and doctor about the vitamins and they were PRO vitamins but they said you shouldn't fully rely on them; have a healthy lifestyle too.

Myvitamins has so many vitamins that it is suitable for everyone so deffo have a look and let me know down below what vitamins you use and which new ones you would like to try out from the myvitamins range.

Talk to you soon loves.
Afeeyah xo

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  1. I have never taken any vitamins, yet have I heard that a lot of people actually use them! And since I catch a cold pretty fast (even during summer, yep), I'll reconsider it and go for some vitamins in near future.


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