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How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey in 2016 ♥ BooTea Review

Welcome to 2016. So you went all in & ate all the food you could find in your path yea?
Yep so did I. 
So now you are feeling as big as a house & do not where to start?
Yep me too BUT I got the solution; BooTea.
Now if you are like me, you have already heard about Boo Tea many times; I saw that it was on offer in Holland & Barrets & I decided to pick it up. I used it for a 14 day period & these are my thoughts.
My slendertoxtea is one of my most read posts so I think this will be of use.

I also got the BooTea Little oats which I thought was cute & it would have intensified the weight loss; also I usually have porridge in the mornings at work so I thought it will be a good breakfast option.
So a little bit about BooTea.
BooTea is a UK based health supplement company that promotes an active & healthy balanced lifestyle (according to their site).
They don't promote a quick fix diet but promote a healthy lifestyle instead. Yup I get that; a lifestyle yields so much more benefits than a fad diet.

So the BooTea comes with a Daytime Detox & a Night time Detox & the 2 are NOT to be swapped cos GIRL you will NOT have a good day. As I said I used both the Daytime Teatox in the morning & the oat as well.

From their site:
Bootea makes a point of using only the best natural ingredients for your body. All ingredients are pure, natural & preservative free! 

The aim of Bootea is to give you the boost you need to get back on track with your healthy eating and active lifestyle. The ingredients used in our teas have been used for centuries for health and wellbeing purposes but it is only now we have finally brought all these unique ingredients into one perfect, rounded product. Teatox is a fancy word we use to describe the way the body goes through a natural process of elimination, by removing unwanted ‘toxins’ & built up waste matter, from your body via the lungs, kidneys, bowels and skin.

You can see what the Teatox looks like just above, its like a mix of loose leaves & as they said it's all natural ingredients. All the ingredients are on the site here.

So what I noticed/Benefits:

I went to the toilet a lot more; but it wasn't the horrible shits like 'omg it's about to pop out' but it was regular poo-ing just a lot more often during the mornings. I guess that's when the Nighttime Teatox kicked in.

I was a lot less bloated; we all hate that bloated feeling & this just got rid of it after 3-5 days of using it.

I had ZERO tummy pains; the morning tea has no laxative but the evening tea does & I have used a laxative once before (NEVER AGAIN) & with the laxative, I had it felt like someone was punching me with an axe inside my tummy '__' but not with BooTea.

The tea actually doesn't taste bad; if you are used to Green Tea, peppermint tea & all those kind of teas, you will love it.

I did lose some weight; between 5-7lbs in 2 weeks; which is quite a lot if you think about it. I wasn't excercising as much as I wanted to.

So in conclusion; BooTea is really worth the hype & it actually does work to kickstart your weight loss journey. It can get you into the healthy lifestyle routine.

This is also good if you don't have much time to go to the gym but want to start getting healthier. They also have a 28day one if you want it for a longer period.

The little oats is awesome because it can be your breakfast meal, I always add a banana to my porridge so it makes me fuller.
Also with the Little Oats, if you do get it; STICK TO THE TIMING GIVEN ON THE PACKET.

I usually use the Quaker Oats brand & I usually put that in the microwave for 2 mins & when I tried that with the BooTea little oats it splattered everywhere so READ the INSTRUCTIONS. Don't be sill like me.

Buy here with offers

I do like BooTea & now they have multivitamins & shakers which is good depending on what you like; I personally don't like shakes '__' but there's something for everyone.
Have you tried BooTea? What are your thoughts on these type of teas to lose weight or kickstart your weight loss?
Would you like me to do more weight loss posts?
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Speak soon babes,
Afeeyah xo


  1. I was considering a teatox as well but not too sure, have you noticed any improvements to your skin since drinking it?

    1. I didn't notice my skin getting any better or any worse but I didn't break out at any point. Also if you do that teatox & eat healthy there is bound to be some sort of clearing of the skin. Hope that helps x

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