Thursday, 7 January 2016

Date At Yo Sushi ♥♥

Hey loves; how are you all doing? I recently went on a date with one of my girls to Yo Sushi & I wanted to tell you guys about this wonderful place. If you know me AT ALL then you will know that I LOVE food, Food = BAE like it's just life.
 Me & my friend get on majorly because we love food too but we are on the #skinny2016kick (LOL) so we wanted to go somewhere slightly healthier.
Now sushi is very healthy & Yo Sushi is; yes you guessed it a sushi place; so we chose that venue for our date night. 
Yo Sushi has a lot to offer on their menus from sushi with different fillings; prawns (I love prawns) & so much more. They also have fries & they are soooo good; btw that wasn't a healthy choice but oh well. YOLO! They also have deserts.
How it work is you get a menu & they have different coloured dishes for different prices so you know roughly how much you are spending & let me tell you guys my FAT ass spent £25 on sushi, see my life!
If you haven't been to Yo Sushi before, you totally should & if you have tell me what your favourite dish was. Mine is the prawn tempura & the sushi &avocado & the fries. Major key to SUCCESS!
Speak soon loves,
Afeeyah xo

In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your Heavenly Father. Matt 5vs16


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  1. look delicious!


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